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White Barbabianco Vermouth



White Barbabianco Vermouth is the Pirates White Vermouth

A very vinous Vermouth.

Barbabianco was the most feared and respected pirate of her time. His ingenuity and strength provoked the admiration of his crew and all the navigators of the Mediterranean sea.

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An alcoholic drink, especially one that is drunk before a meal

Variety: White Pansa harvested in Alella

Other ingredients: Hyssop, cinchona, melissa, marjoram, thyme, wormwood, elderflower, angelica, clove, grapefruit, mint, ginger and must.

The goal was clear: Get a Vermouth that reminded a lot of wine and that it was refreshing. We wanted to totally avoid oxidations and a sweetness excess. We wanted a modern vermouth, of great quality and very pleasant.

To achieve this, we selected the best botanists, betting on those who provided the freshest freshness, such as mint, ginger or milesa, and avoiding the sweetest spices. We chose a high quality wine of the Pansa Blanca variety and we worked with direct macerations to extract the most delicate fractions of the botanists. The added sweetness was very limited, using must and trying to respect the freshness and the vinousness of the product.

Tasting note:

Pale golden color with a bright appearance. The nose is very intense, emphasizes its fruity character provided by the base wine, accompanied by herbal sensations and refreshing reminiscent of mint and lemon balm. The aromas are complex and elegant, highlighting the citrus and spicy touch provided by the athemists. On the palate it stands out its youth and its freshness, tasty and voluminous, fabulously balanced between an acidity of citric character and a delicate sweetness reminiscent of fresh grapes. The finish is long and very aromatic, leaving a pleasant memory with a very refreshing profile.

"Pirate" tasting note:

Gold color as if it were a pirate treasure. Aroma of freshness and citrus, smells of wine. Ideal with ice, contrast effect against heat. To enjoy with tasty dishes, vinegars, preserves and fried foods. Watch out, danger, drink alone!

About Barbabianco:

Legend has it that Barbabianco was the most feared and respected pirate of her time. His ingenuity and his strength provoked the admiration of his crew and of all the navigators of the Mediterranean, and it is known that even the authorities granted him some freedom of action.

They say that it rivaled Barbarroso to see who made the best vermouth and for it, somewhere on the coast of Barcelona, ​​kept the ingredients that only she agreed with and an inseparable genet that kept her boat free of rats. < / p>

Elaborado en:Alella
Grado alcohólico15%vol

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White Barbabianco Vermouth

White Barbabianco Vermouth

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