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San Bernabé Gran Reserva Especial Vermouth

Licorera Albeldense Licorera Albeldense



San Bernabé Gran Reserva Especial Vermouth is a tribute to this land, the mother of great wines, which, seasoned with our selection of botanists, make the Vermut line "San Bernabé".

Vermouth made from plants, roots, herbs maceration and citrus rinds in Rioja red wines, fortified and sweetened. Cata: Red ruby color, with tile border.

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An alcoholic drink, especially one that is drunk before a meal

It is said that in the battle of San Bernabé (1521), during the resistance against the French invader, many of the people of Logroño, while the city was besieged, ran swiftly through the passages of their warehouses, mocking the enemy guard in order to reach the Ebro river by the night and stock up on fish and wine with which they managed to resist the siege and emerge victorious from such an envite. /p>

This drink is a tribute to this land, mother of great wines, which seasoned with our selection of botanists make the Vermouths line "San Bernabé"


Vermouth made from the maceration of plants, roots, herbs and citrus rinds in Rioja red wines, fortified and sweetened. It will be macerated with 49 types of botanists, including wormwood, gentian, orange, chamomile, lemon, cinnamon, cloves and others.


Red ruby color, with tile border. Aromas of fruit, liquor, wild herbs, wild herbs, very spicy, complex, with elegant citrus notes. In mouth tasty, fleshy, structured, long, persistent and very balanced between sweet, acid, and a bitter, fine and elegant, which invites you to continue tasting it. Alcohol content 17% vol.

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Licorera Albeldense fué fundada en 1963 por el riojano Carmelo Rodriguez Galilea como una destilería para la elaboración de licores tradicionales tales como brandy, anís, ginebra, ron y vodka, que se vendian principalmente en el norte de España. Y grandes vermuts de receta familiar desde entonces.

Diez años después, se construyó la actual destilería. A finales de 1978, a la muerte del fundador, su esposa, Doña Manuela Ruiz, se hizo cargo de la destilería y despues de un estudio de mercado, la empresa da un giro especializandose en licores elaborados con frutas tales como endrinas, manzanas, melocotones, peras, avellanas.

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