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  • White Montseta Vermouth

    Montseta brand is a tribute to Montse, the precursor of the Magatzem del Vermut and one of the best vermouths in the world.

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  • Miró 6cl Vermouth Bottles

    The charismatic bottles of Miro vermouth. Who has never seen one of these red or white vermouth bottles. Every collector of vermouth has one in its collection. But the best use of these bottles is that it is the perfect dose of a good vermouth, if you want to serve another vermouth... another bottle.

    1,69 €
  • White Lodeiros Vermouth

    Yellow color, clear, bright. Very aromatic, complex and intense with vanilla notes, marjoram and aromatic herbs. The palate is fresh, fruity and balanced structure. It has good duration on the palate and a pleasant velvety finish.

    10,95 €
  • White Espinaler Vermouth

    The mythical winery Espinaler, from Vilassar de Mar, has its own white vermouth that couldn't be missing in our Magatzem del Vermut where we have the best vermouths in the world. White Espinaler is a vermouth with which you can enjoy with friends. And it is almost mandatory to accompany it with cockles, potatoes and Espinaler sauce.

    5,95 €
  • White Olave Vermouth

    White Olave Vermouth is made just like Red Vermouth but with a botanicals composition that make it very aromatic and with a lot of personality on the nose. A yellowish color with green tips and large spicy flavors with an intense and bitter final taste. 90 Guia Peñin points.

    6,65 €
  • White Zarro Vermouth

    White Zarro Vermouth elaborated in Madrid. It couldn't be more than one of the most vermouth areas of the peninsula doesn't have a winery that produces vermouth and this is Bodega Sanviver, which makes Zarro Vermouth. A classic vermouth made for vermouth lovers. Made with the traditional Zarro method is macerated with a botanicals set to get this...

    6,95 €
  • White Myrrha Vermouth

    The Vermouth Myrrha elaboration process is carefully controlled in Vins Padró Winery using and selecting natural aromatic botanicals extracts that are added to the young white wine base and later adding sugar.

    6,00 €
  • Orange Reserva Vermouth - Falset

    In Falset Cooperative years ago they elaborated a delicious and unique Orange Reserva Vermouth that is benevolent to carry an infusion of 120 aromatic and medicinal herbs that make it unique in its range. Winner of the Vinari awards for the best vermouth of his class, he offers us a great symphony of flavors and aromas.

    8,45 €
  • White Nordesia Vermouth

    White Nordesia Vermouth is made in Galicia, in the vineyards which it's harvested Val do Ulla where the albariño is elaborated, which together with a delicious brandy and the selected plants, botanicals and roots to produce the unique and incomparable fantastic Galician vermouth.

    13,95 €
  • White Cori Vermouth from Vermouth Museum

    White Cori Vermouth from "Museu del Vermut" was born from the award-winning black Cori Vermouth. Following the steps of the Black Vermouth, Museu del Vermut wants to offer us with its new creation with the colaboration of Vermuts Miro. With a careful herbs selection is born this delicious white vermouth that makes the perfect pair of black Cori Vermouth.

    6,05 €
  • Extra Dry Miró Vermouth

    Extra Dry Miró Vermouth, as the white vermouth, is elaborated starting from a careful natural bitter botanical selection. It differs from the traditional white for its dry character, non sugar added and its high alcohol content. Serve it very cold, with ice and a lemon skin.

    7,15 €
  • Chappo Vermouth - White

    White Chappo vermouth is made by Mr. Perucho with a very similar procedure that is used in the golden chappo vermouth but with less rested wines than Dorado (golden) wine to give it more freshness in tasting. Made in Maresme Area, in front of the Mediterranean sea, to achieve this taste that characterizes it.

    10,45 €
  • White Zecchini Vermouth

    White Zecchini Vermouth, elaborated according with a familiar recipe from decades ago. Zecchini was founded on 1940 in Madrid and elaborates greate vermouths that were traditionally supplied in Madrid.  A vermouth of Madrid light, soft and fresh that mixt to the vanilla offers us a special touch that makes this Zecchini Vermouth unique.

    6,50 €
  • White Zuria Vintage Txurrut Vermouth

    White Zuria Vintage Txurrut Vermouth, made with albariño and txakoli broths, gathering two great grapes to macerate it in a botanicals selection that makes this Vermouth unique. It emphasizes its great freshness and youth in the mouth and is accompanied by a very special aromas set that will mark the vermouth world.

    10,45 €
  • White Guerra Reserva Vermouth

    White Guerra Reserva Vermouth is made by the historic wine house Bodegas Guerra in El Bierzo maintaining the tradition of making great wines since 1879. With a 40 botanists secret recipe, we find a characteristic Vermouth at the entrance and a flavors and aromas explosion.

    9,95 €
  • Vermut Guerra Blanco

    El Vermut Guerra blanco es la base del Vermut Guerra reserva blanco, la receta original y envasado para los paladares más frescos os presentamos el vermut base Guerra blanco, manteniendo la presentación antigua de la marca guerra. Nos ofrece la juventud de su vermut en una botella. 

    5,95 €
  • Vermut Guerra blanco Dry

    El Vermut Guerra blanco Dry es la base del Vermut Guerra reserva blanco pero con menos azúcar, exportado principalmente a USA y ahora en el magatzem del vermut, la receta original y envasado para los paladares más frescos os presentamos el vermut base Guerra blanco, manteniendo la presentación antigua de la marca guerra. Nos ofrece la juventud de su...

    5,95 €
  • Vermut Luis The Marinero Blanco

    Ya puedes comprar el Vermut Luis The Marinero, de la casa Valdepablo. Un delicioso vermut blanco elaborado desde la base para ofrecer un vermut de alta calidad y que represente a la casa.  con casi un centenar de botánicos en su base nos ofrece un vermut fresco y agradable y muy bien puntuado en catas como la guía peñín. 90 puntos Guía Peñin.

    8,85 €
  • White Atxa Vermouth 75cl Colection

    White Atxa Vermouth is a fantastic Pais Vasco Vermouth made by Atxa distilleries in Vizcaya. A perfect harmony of aromas and flavors that together with the delicious wines of the area make this white vermouth accompany any table where vermouth is enjoyed. 

    7,45 €
  • Vermut Lacuesta Blanco

    El Vermut Martinez Lacuesta Blanco, es elaborado como la pareja perfecta del Vermut de la rioja Rojo, sin caramelo consiguen una nueva receta de botánicos que lo hacen único e irrepetible.  Con marcado gusto tradicional Martinez Lacuesta nos presenta un vermut tradicional pero a la vez fresco para diferenciarse del resto. Ideal para acompañarlo con una...

    8,95 €
  • White Montana Prerucchi Vermouth - Gran Reserva

    White Montana Prerucchi Vermouth - Gran Reserva is made by the mythical Montana Perucchi that boasted of being the house that supplied the vermouth to the Spanish royal house. A White Gran Reserva Vermouth with a herbs recipe that makes it very characteristic and unique with a great cache presentation. An essential vermouth in any vermouth collection.

    9,99 €
  • White Barbabianco Vermouth

    White Barbabianco Vermouth is the Pirates White Vermouth!  A very vinous Vermouth. Barbabianco was the most feared and respected pirate of her time. His ingenuity and strength provoked the admiration of his crew and all the navigators of the Mediterranean sea.

    13,00 €
  • Vermut Padro & Co White Reserva

    Padro & Co White Reserva Vermouth is the new gold medal of the best vermouths in Catalonia 2016 Padro & Co Vermout associate an aromatic herbs infusion with the various citrus fruits skin. This formula, after a few months of maceration, is added to an aged white mistela that has been reserved for this vermouth.

    10,94 €
  • Padro & Co Vermouth – 4 Bottles Collection Pack

    Made for vermouth lovers, you can't miss this fantastic collection of vermouth bottles that comprise the 4 Padró & Co Vermouth bottles. A fantastic four vermouth bottles that will make vermouth fans enjoy and, after drink it, you can decorate any kitchen or showcase. In this fantastic bottles pack you will buy at a time all this difficult to find...

    37,80 €

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