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Los Vermuts de Galicia son famosos en el mundo entero por sus características más singulares de la zona. Con unos vinos albariños únicos se elaboran fantásticos vermuts macerados con botánicos de la zona para disfrute de todo el mundo. Podemos encontrar estos productores en Padrón, Santiago y cercanías. 

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  • White Lodeiros Vermouth

    Yellow color, clear, bright. Very aromatic, complex and intense with vanilla notes, marjoram and aromatic herbs. The palate is fresh, fruity and balanced structure. It has good duration on the palate and a pleasant velvety finish.

    10,95 €
  • Red Lodeiros Vermouth

    Red Lodeiros Vermouth, a Vermouth made in Galicia. Mahogany clean color. The nose is fragrant and intense, highlighting the aromas of herbaceous notes of marjoram, sage, sagebrush, cinnamon and vanilla. Very aromatic but fresh. On the palate, the entry is round and consistent. The finish has a spicy and herbaceous aftertaste with a bitter aftertaste with...

    10,95 €
  • Black Nordesia Vermouth

    Galician Black Nordesia Vermouth. In the vineyards of Galicia (Ribeira Sacra) a difficult Mencía grape is worked which once finished all its process will be the result of the characteristic Black Nordesia Vermouth. A very intense Vermouth made for Biter lovers due its bitter strength but with very strong notes of cherry, nectarine and a lot of fruit that...

    11,95 €
  • White Nordesia Vermouth

    White Nordesia Vermouth is made in Galicia, in the vineyards which it's harvested Val do Ulla where the albariño is elaborated, which together with a delicious brandy and the selected plants, botanicals and roots to produce the unique and incomparable fantastic Galician vermouth.

    13,95 €
  • Red St. Petroni Vermouth - 100 cl.

    St. Petroni Vermouth was born in Galician lands, specifically in Padrón, where the best albariño wines bred on their own lees are chosen to achieve this outstanding purity. A vermouth that will not leave you indifferent with great personality and a great balance in the mouth but with a strong end of licorice and bitterness.

    14,85 €
  • White St. Petroni Vermouth

    White St. Petroni Vermouth is born from the same base as his Vermouth Brother Red St Petroni. The unique vermouth in the world that uses D.O.P. Arbariño wine with makes them unique and incomparable. A vermouth with the essence of the Padrón Pepper, couldn't be more than in a vermouth of Padrón. 

    14,85 €
  • Pack Vermú Petroni Blanco y Rojo Pack Vermú Petroni Blanco y Rojo
    Out of stock
    White & Red St. Petroni Vermouth Pack

    The vermouth lovers doesn't have any doubts, you can buy St. Petroni vermouth pack that includes a bottle of the well-known red vermouth and the new White Vermouth with a touch of green pepper. With an exclusive box of Petroni winery ideal to give to those who like vermouth or for yourself and enjoy the external art of this exceptional vermouth.

    27,60 €
  • Vermú Nordesia Rojo - Tinto

    El nuevo Vermut de la casa Nordesía es un Vermut rojo elaborado con la variedad de uva tinta autóctona que lo hace una Vermú de héroes, ya que la cordillera Atlántica hace que sea muy difícil su recolección. Un Vermut sensual, con gran cuerpo y goloso que le da el vino tinto que utilizan. Un gran vermut con receta original.

    11,95 €

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