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The best Black and Golden Vermouths of all vermouth producers! 

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  • Black Montseta Vermouth

    Montseta brand is a tribute to Montse, the precursor of the Magatzem del Vermut and one of the best vermouths in the world. With a recipe of herbs, flowers and roots that has passed from father to son, generation after generation, culminating with a vermouth and a preparation with more than 70 years old.

    5,95 €
  • Classic Red Yzaguirre Vermouth

    Vermouth Destillery Yzaguirre was founded in 1884 creating the base of a vermouth that you can find in almost all places in the world, either by its age, its flavor or its aromas, make it unique and inimitable. Yzaguirre Vermouth is an authentic vermouth, original in formulation and essence. Red and passionate. Root and Mediterranean base.

    7,45 €
  • Yzaguirre Vermouth - 1884 selection

    A selection of 80 different types of herbs, flowers and roots that macerate about 2 months to achieve the maximum extract of each element and then repose two years in oak barrels.

    26,95 €
  • Miró 6cl Vermouth Bottles

    The charismatic bottles of Miro vermouth. Who has never seen one of these red or white vermouth bottles. Every collector of vermouth has one in its collection. But the best use of these bottles is that it is the perfect dose of a good vermouth, if you want to serve another vermouth... another bottle.

    1,69 €
  • Bertsolari Vermouth

    Bertsolari Vermouth is a delicious Vermouth made starting from 0 by Joan A. Lliberia. With all the air of Gandesa offers us a Vermouth with 40 very characteristic botanists. With a large dose of aromas that will make us enjoy like crazy in every sip of vermouth. A great Vermouth with a great essence of the south of Catalonia to enjoy anywhere or in any...

    10,50 €
  • Red Atxa Vermouth 75cl Colection

    From País Vasco Atxa Vermouth is born with a long family tradition that goes back 130 years, where they combine the best wines, the finest woods and the exquisite and unique blend of herbs such as Artemisia, Genciana, Dictamo and other aromatic herbs, elaborate the singular Vermouth of magnificent properties. A País Vasco airs in the best Magatzem del...

    7,95 €
  • Red Lodeiros Vermouth

    Red Lodeiros Vermouth, a Vermouth made in Galicia. Mahogany clean color. The nose is fragrant and intense, highlighting the aromas of herbaceous notes of marjoram, sage, sagebrush, cinnamon and vanilla. Very aromatic but fresh. On the palate, the entry is round and consistent. The finish has a spicy and herbaceous aftertaste with a bitter aftertaste with...

    10,95 €
  • Red Martinez Lacuesta Vermouth

    Martinez Lacuesta winery produces this unique vermouth from 1937, maintaining the artisan elaboration to not lose a bit of the past essence. With a cold maceration of nutmeg, saffron, cloves, cinnamon, wormwood, sandalwood, among others, together with alcohol and white wine, until its transfer and aging in American oak barrels.

    5,95 €
  • Black Medusa Vermouth

    Medusa Vermouth or “Jellyfish Vermouth” is made in the Secuita (Camp de Tarragona) with a traditional recipe of the Manyé family. A traditional Vermouth of the land of vermouth culture.

    6,90 €
  • Black Medusa Reserva Vermouth

    Black Medusa Reserva Vermouth or “Jellyfish Vermouth” is made in the Secuita (Camp de Tarragona) with a traditional recipe of the Manyé family. A traditional Vermouth of the land of vermouth culture.

    9,90 €
  • Miró Reserva Vermouth - Pyramidal Bottle

    For the most exquisite palates, Miró packs in a delicate and unique pyramidal bottles its vermouth Reserva to be able to keep in the best place of each showcase and enjoy it whenever a good vermouth is required.

    10,00 €
  • Black Label Miró Reserva Vermouth

    Black Label Miró Reserva Vermouth is characterized by its aging with the soleras method in oak barrels and bottling only after a long process of controlled aging.

    9,95 €
  • Red Miró Vermouth

    Emilio Miró Salvat "Miró" was founded in 1957 by Pere Miró in which he began to elaborate his delicious vermouth with a natural aromatic herbs selection from the Mediterranean and Alpine area, getting a great red vermouth that has marked one of the great bases of the vermouths in Reus. 

    6,30 €
  • Oliveros Reserva Vermouth - 50 cl.

    Since 1940 the winery Oliveros (Huelva) produces this completely handmade vermouth. The Oliveros Reserva vermouth has more than 300 components in its infusion to obtain the vermouth base.

    13,95 €
  • Cori Vermouth from Vermouth Museum

    Vermouth that is made especially for the house of the Vermouth Museum is on our shelves from the first day to everyone can taste one of the best black vermouths, winner of the “Vinari de Oro” as a traditional vermouth.

    6,15 €
  • Domingo Vermouth

    A delicate wine base elaboration makes this vermouth so particular and delicate. With a combination of botanicals that makes it unique in its kind and with a post taste of double bitterness. A vermouth of a fine drink to enliven any Sunday or day of the week. Professional Price.

    11,45 €
  • Red Espinaler Vermouth

    The mythical winery Espinaler from Vilassar de Mar has its own vermouth that couldn't be missing in our Magatzem del Vermut where we have the best vermouths in the world. The Espinaler Vermouth is a vermouth which you can enjoy with any “vermouth day” or with friends. And it is almost mandatory to accompany with cockles, potatoes and spinach sauce.

    5,95 €
  • Red Espinaler Reserva Vermouth

    If Espinaler from Vilassar de Mar (Barcelona) has one of the best vermouths in the world, why not make a Reserva to climb one more step of the vermouth level. With a sweet rest in oak barrels to get the special and characteristic touch that identifies it.

    9,95 €
  • Oliveros Traditional Vermouth

    Oliveros vermouth is a fantastic vermouth made in the prestigious Oliveros winery, which has a touch of flavor ideal to drink only with ice, with siphon or campara or gin coktails. A great vermouth for a good cocktail before eating in company or enjoying a good tapas.

    6,95 €
  • Fontalia Vermouth - Dry Red

    Dry Red Fontalia Vermouth from “Bellmunt del Priorat” winery offers us a younger version of its “Dos Deus” product to liven up a quicker taste vermouth and not too concentrated. Elaborated according to traditional system with a secret recipe of 38 botanists with an accurated choose to their balance and perfect combination.

    7,85 €
  • Fontalia Vermouth - Classic Red

    Fontalia Vermouth, Classic Red, is the traditional version of the Vermut “Dos Deus” from “Bellmunt del Priorat” winery. They offer us a younger version of their “Dos Deus” product with a reduction of months in barrels to liven up a vermouth that is quicker to taste and not too concentrated. Elaborated according to the traditional system with a secret...

    7,85 €
  • Stars Constelation - Dos Déus Vermouth

    Stars Constelation Dos Déus Vermouth is elaborated in “Bellmunt del Priorat” winery. Dos Déus Vermouth is made with 80% of the reserve and 20% of vermouth matured during 1 year in 650lt. chestnut barrels of 50 years, according to the solera system that characterizes the “Dos Déus” Reserve Vermouth.

    13,65 €
  • Dos Déus Reserva Vermouth 2015

    Dos Déus Reserva Vermouth 2015, as 2014 Reserva Vermouth, matures for 5 years, according with the solera system in 500lt. American oak barrels from the aging of wines from Cadiz area. A Vermouth that you can also take at the end of a good meal. It is recommended to take it with an ice and a piece of Grapefruit.

    25,05 €
  • Siset Vermouth - Mascaró

    In the Heart of Penedes we find Mascaró Destillery where they make their Vermouth as did the Grandfather Mr. Siset. Mascaró is characterized as a house that has been producing delicious distillates, wines and cavas for more than three generations. After recovering the formula of Grandfather Siset goes to the market to stay and enjoy the best vermouths in...

    9,85 €

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