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TurmeOn Vermouth - Zaragoza

Vermut Turmeon - Bodegas Jaime Vermut Turmeon - Bodegas Jaime



TurmeOn Vermouth is made in Zaragoza. The first vermouth of history that the label has movement.

Its secret lies in the fact that a certain amount of wine has aged for more than 80 years in barrels (Pipas) that our own grandfather (El Pipero) made.

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An alcoholic drink, especially one that is drunk before a meal

TurmeOn Vermouth is made in Zaragoza. Was born from a family recipe, where it has been elaborated for more than 3 generations.

Part of his secret is that a certain amount of wine has aged for more than 80 years in barrels (Pipas) that our own grandfather (El Pipero) made. Each time only a small part of wine is extracted from each "Pipa", making it possible so that, taking this vermouth, we can take a small portion of the wine with which it was originally filled.

The wine is macerated with 12 different botanicals, among which stand out cinnamon, clove and wormwood, three powerful aphrodisiacs known since the Middle Ages and protagonists in many recipes of "love potions". Hence its name "Turn Me On".


Very clean and bright with a nice yellow mahogany with amber glitters. medium layer, light density and abundant tears.

In nose, intense highlighting aromas of nuts, hazelnut, walnut combining with sweet tones of raisins and fig. We also find balsamic notes that give us a pleasant bitter touch.

he palate is dense and sweet (without being cloying), intense, easy and long aftertaste, remembered the aromas that we already received in the nose.

Elaborado en:Zaragoza
Grado alcohólico15% vol
VarietalesMacabeo y Garnacha

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TurmeOn Vermouth - Zaragoza

TurmeOn Vermouth - Zaragoza

Bodegas Jaime es el elaborador del Vermut Turmeon, una bodega con muchas décadas de historia y con un denominador común, el producto y la calidad. Elabora grandes vermuts con recetas antiguas adaptados a los tiempos de hoy.

Un gran casa de Vermuts de una gran bodega de vinos.

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