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  • Red Zarro Vermouth

    Red Zarro Vermouth elaborated in Madrid. It couldn't be that one of the most vermouth areas of Spain doesn't have a winery that produces vermouth and this is Bodega Sanviver, which makes “Grifo” Zarro Vermouth.  

    7,45 €
  • Miró 6cl Vermouth Bottles

    The charismatic bottles of Miro vermouth. Who has never seen one of these red or white vermouth bottles. Every collector of vermouth has one in its collection. But the best use of these bottles is that it is the perfect dose of a good vermouth, if you want to serve another vermouth... another bottle.

    1,69 €
  • Tous Baro White Muscat 2017

    The delicious Tous Baro white wine of the variety "Muscat" maintains all the qualities of the “Moscatel de Alejándria” varietal but with the fermentation finished to get a dry and intensely fruity wine on the nose. One of the best wines to drink at any time of the day or dish. Ideal for paella or as aperitif.

    4,00 €
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  • De Muller Reserva Vermouth - 75cl.

    The mythical house of De Muller founded in 1851 elaborates an exquisite and traditional Reserva Vermouth, with a recipe with many decades of history they make to repose their 16 degrees red vermouth in oak barrels to achieve the characteristic touch that identifies it as one of the The best vermouths in the world.

    9,85 €
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  • Martinez Lacuesta Reserva Vermouth

    With Lacuesta Vermouth base is left to rest in French oak barrels for at least 7 months to achieve the bitterness and roasting point that characterizes it. Resulting in a vermouth with intense color, bitter and very aromatic which is recommended to serve cold together with a piece of orange and an olive.

    9,95 €
  • Red Versin Vermouth (Non Alcoholic Vermouth)

    Now, in our Magatzem del Vermout, you can buy a non Alcoholic Vermouth! Versin vermouth, ideal for people who can't drink alcohol but want to take a good Vermouth. You can drink everything you want and drive or make a normal life as if it were a soft drink.

    5,50 €
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  • Black Montseta Vermouth

    Montseta brand is a tribute to Montse, the precursor of the Magatzem del Vermut and one of the best vermouths in the world. With a recipe of herbs, flowers and roots that has passed from father to son, generation after generation, culminating with a vermouth and a preparation with more than 70 years old.

    5,95 €
  • Zarro Ecologic Vermouth - Madrid

    Vermouth destillery from Madrid, Zarro, presents its latest novelty, the first ecological vermouth with the authenticity of ecological product CCPAE logo. The entire production process is made with completely organic products unit an a spectacular presentation, makes it unique in its gamma. A different Vermouth, ecologic and unique!!

    15,95 €
  • Red Rofes Vermouth

    The century-old Rofes Destillery and their Red Rofes Vermouth is part of the Reus history due it's one of the great Verouth precursors throughout the world. With a unique recipe and facilities that honours to the old factory, Rofes Vermouth is a scroll of history in every sip of this delicious artisan vermouth. 

    7,65 €
  • Vermut de Luna Reserva Vermouth

    Vermut de Luna is a Biodynamic Vermouth, a summary of the effort of a family between three generations to caramelize the essence and combined by a aging in oak barrels to give the characteristic touch of the "Vermut de Luna".

    9,95 €
  • Vermouth Classic Glass 22cl.

    Each glass is different but the best glass to drink a vermouth is Magatzem del Vermut glass. Why? Is a perfect size to add a ice cube and an olive. With the right amount of vermouth to avoid the thaw and don't bother the same ice at the time of drinking it.The most used glass by the best vermouth clubs, is supplied by El Magatzem del vermut.

    2,55 €
  • Red Martinez Lacuesta Vermouth

    Martinez Lacuesta winery produces this unique vermouth from 1937, maintaining the artisan elaboration to not lose a bit of the past essence. With a cold maceration of nutmeg, saffron, cloves, cinnamon, wormwood, sandalwood, among others, together with alcohol and white wine, until its transfer and aging in American oak barrels.

    5,95 €
  • Red Lezarria Vermouth

    Lezarria Vermouth is characterized by youth and finesse to taste what makes it ideal as a day to day vermouth that can replace beer perfectly. Perfect balance between acidity, sweetness and bitterness. Elaborated by Lisard Bellod. 

    9,95 €
  • El Bandarra Vermouth

    Made by Xitxarello elaborators in the heart of Penedes. A Vermouth made with the typical white varietals of the area and a balance taste to achive the harmon that any Vermouth have. 

    9,95 €
  • Mariol Reserve Vermouth

    Vermut Mariol is a black Vermouth made in Batea by the Mariol family, with a combination of over 100 herbs, flowers and aromas that make this vermouth a characteristic of the area. With Macabeo base wine and resting on hundred-year-old boots.

    11,85 €
  • Red Iris Vermouth from Reus

    Red Iris Vermouth is one of the most mythical vermouths from Reus since the house De Muller made it many decades ago. A vermouth for typical vermouth lovers that look for the old style vermouth cause Iris house has not varied its formula since they started to produce it.

    5,98 €
  • Cori Vermouth from Vermouth Museum

    Vermouth that is made especially for the house of the Vermouth Museum is on our shelves from the first day to everyone can taste one of the best black vermouths, winner of the “Vinari de Oro” as a traditional vermouth.

    6,15 €
  • Vermut Padro & Co White Reserva

    Padro & Co White Reserva Vermouth is the new gold medal of the best vermouths in Catalonia 2016 Padro & Co Vermout associate an aromatic herbs infusion with the various citrus fruits skin. This formula, after a few months of maceration, is added to an aged white mistela that has been reserved for this vermouth.

    13,94 €
  • Padro & Co Classic Red Vermouth

    Red Padró & Co Classic Vermouth is a delicate mixt of Macabeo & Xarel·lo wines which, when pass the first winter, are mixted with the sugar and the mix of herbs that identify the Padró & Co winery, resting in chestnut boots for subsequent packaging during the year. A classic among the classics of the area.

    12,95 €
  • Black Label Miró Reserva Vermouth

    Black Label Miró Reserva Vermouth is characterized by its aging with the soleras method in oak barrels and bottling only after a long process of controlled aging.

    9,95 €
  • Red Olave Vermouth

    Red Olave Vermouth is made keeping the traditional method and with more than 83 botanists in its maceration that lasts two months. Later it goes to rest in oak barrels to get the Olave touch so characteristic. 90 Guia Peñin points.

    6,45 €
  • Golden Iris Vermouth from Reus

    Golden Iris Vermouth is one of the most consumed vermouths in Reus, since De Muller house from Reus has been elaborated for many decades ago. A vermouth made for vermouth lovers and very used by wineries that don't elaborate vermouth but label this Vermouth with their brand.

    5,85 €
  • Black Medusa Vermouth

    Medusa Vermouth or “Jellyfish Vermouth” is made in the Secuita (Camp de Tarragona) with a traditional recipe of the Manyé family. A traditional Vermouth of the land of vermouth culture.

    6,90 €
  • Red Atxa Vermouth 75cl Colection

    From País Vasco Atxa Vermouth is born with a long family tradition that goes back 130 years, where they combine the best wines, the finest woods and the exquisite and unique blend of herbs such as Artemisia, Genciana, Dictamo and other aromatic herbs, elaborate the singular Vermouth of magnificent properties. A País Vasco airs in the best Magatzem del...

    7,95 €

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