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Selección de los vermuts miro


Selección de los vermuts miro

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  • Miró 6cl Vermouth Bottles

    The charismatic bottles of Miro vermouth. Who has never seen one of these red or white vermouth bottles. Every collector of vermouth has one in its collection. But the best use of these bottles is that it is the perfect dose of a good vermouth, if you want to serve another vermouth... another bottle.

    1,69 €
  • Miró Reserva Vermouth - Pyramidal Bottle

    For the most exquisite palates, Miró packs in a delicate and unique pyramidal bottles its vermouth Reserva to be able to keep in the best place of each showcase and enjoy it whenever a good vermouth is required.

    10,00 €
  • Black Label Miró Reserva Vermouth

    Black Label Miró Reserva Vermouth is characterized by its aging with the soleras method in oak barrels and bottling only after a long process of controlled aging.

    9,95 €
  • Red Miró Vermouth

    Emilio Miró Salvat "Miró" was founded in 1957 by Pere Miró in which he began to elaborate his delicious vermouth with a natural aromatic herbs selection from the Mediterranean and Alpine area, getting a great red vermouth that has marked one of the great bases of the vermouths in Reus. 

    6,30 €
  • Pasión Red Miró Vermouth by Paco Pérez

    Passion-Red Miró Vermouth base made by the super Chef Paco Pérez from Miramar Restaurant, with a second maceration to give it a very Mediterranean touch, strongly emphasizing arbequina olives and enhancing thyme. It's as drink a vermouth and noticing the taste of arbequina olives but, inside the glass, there isn't even an olive.

    12,79 €
  • Extra Dry Miró Vermouth

    Extra Dry Miró Vermouth, as the white vermouth, is elaborated starting from a careful natural bitter botanical selection. It differs from the traditional white for its dry character, non sugar added and its high alcohol content. Serve it very cold, with ice and a lemon skin.

    7,15 €
  • Vermouth Miro Pearls - Reserva Black Label

    Small Vermouth Miro Pearls elaborated with the best Reserva Black Label Miro Vermouth. Each pearl explodes in the mouth with a intense and delicious vermouth mouthful to accompany the most select dishes or the most daring salads. 

    12,45 €

    La casa de Vermuts Miró se acerca al mundo del arte de la mano de Queralt, con una edición limitada de 3000 botellas únicas con un diseño y una presentación limitada. El autor del diseño es Jaume Queralt un pintor tarraconense que cuenta con la botella número 3000 que cerrara la edición limitada. El producto base de este vermut es el Etiqueta negra de la...

    13,95 €
  • Soft Drink Vermu Cola - Miró & Vermutillo

    Miró Vermouth associate with Vermutillo Factory present us the new soft drink for celebrations. A mixture of a delicious Cola and a great Miro vermouth make a perfect combination that can't miss in your fridge or celebration.

    3,25 €
  • Black Miró Vermouth - Soft Drink 33cl.

    Miró Vermouth launches a new format of Black Miró Vermouth where you can share with your frineds or self serve you and enjoy it. The same vermouth that you can find in a Vermouth bottle you will have it in your new soft drink of Vermouth, ideal size for small refrigerators or parties.

    5,95 €
  • Vermut Castellers 2016 - Exclusive edition

    The vermut Castellers special edition of The house of Vermuts Miro, made a special edition in 2016 in which the label was in commemoration of the castellers. With this edition they were not repeated anymore, that's why the bottle of castellers happened to be an edition only for collectors. Once we finish the stock we will not have it again.

    13,95 €

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