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D.O. Montsant

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La DO Montsant rodea casi al completo la DOQ Priorat y no por ello deja de elaborar los mejores vinos de la zona. 

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  • Pascona 2014 Falset

    Pascona wine is made in the particular lands of Falset DOP Montsant, where red wines are pure and authentic. A delicate selection of Garnacha and Cariñena varietals from Partida Fontanals with a granite sand floor that makes the vines have concentrated bunches and can extract the maximum of particularities of each varietal.

    15,25 €
  • Kosher Peraj Ha'abib Wine from Capçanes

    At “Celler de Capçanes” they make the best and only Kosher wines suitable for the Jewish community. In this case Peraj Ha'abib is elaborated with techniques of the Jewish law, even the opening bottle has to be by an authorized person. Made only with their tools and never combined with another type of grape that has not touched or manipulated a rabbi.

    25,85 €
  • Costers del Gravet Crianza - Celler Capçanes

    En el celler de capçanes elaboran grandes vinos dese hace décadas pero una de sus estrellas es el Costers del Gravet es un vino en el que predomina el varietal Samso y que tras un paso por las barricas de roble y un descanso en botella queda un vino que te hará disfrutar como un loco.

    13,75 €
  • Red Cap de Ruc D.O.P. Montsant

    Red Cap de Ruc Wine – D.O.P. Montsant is a delicious wine made with the Garnacha varietal. It offers us a wine with chili pepper tones and mahogany tips. As it marks the varietal we find in the nose aromas of wild fruits, vanilla and ripe fruits. A standard of the Cap de Ruc house ideal for dinners or group meals to enjoy the best time of the day.

    6,95 €
  • Pater 2016 - Montsant

    2016 Pater from Montsant is an exclusive production by Ficaria Vins Cellar in which they create a delicious wine with Black Garnacha varietal which this year have awarded it as the best wine of Catalonia among thousands.

    23,95 €
  • Dido D.O.P. Montsant - La Universal

    Dido by La Universal is a fantastic D.O.P. Montsant wine made in amphoras and in authentic tanks and tiled as before. A fantastic selection of Garnacha, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah varietals that make it a very special coupage in the southern lands from Catalonia. The final touch of French oak is refined to make it enjoyable for all diners. A...

    14,85 €
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  • Red Dido 2016 D.O.P. Montsant - La Universal - 1.5 L....

    The joy of a Magnum bottle of a fantastic wine such as DIDO. Dido wine by La Universal is a fantastic wine from D.O.P. Montsant made in amphoras and in authentic tanks and tiling as before. A fantastic Garnacha, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah varietal selection grapes that make it a very special coupage in southern lands from Catalonia.

    32,90 €
  • White Cap de Ruc D.O.P. Montsant

    White Cap de Ruc is a delicious wine from the most authentic land, Montsant, with a white garnacha and macabeo coupage that make it with body but fresh at the same time. An ideal wine for drink at any time. Made by Ronadelles Cellar, it's a wine that will make you enjoy from the first sip.

    6,95 €
  • White Dido - La Universal

    With this 2016 White Dido of La Universal you will feel the land in its purest state, a great white wine with very classic and avant-garde touches. With a white Garnacha, Macabeo and Cartoixà coupage, you will awaken your senses towards the autumn aromas of ripe fruits, seeds, hazelnuts. An elegant and straight wine. Finish with a creamy texture and long...

    16,85 €

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