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Vinos de la zona por excelencia del cava i sus vinos

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  • El Xitxarelo - 2016 D.O.P. Penedes

    El Xitxarelo is a 100% Xarelo variety wine made from Mas Cortei vineyards, located in Penedés at 340m from sea level. It's bottleled with a silkscreened bottle with Catalan insults.

    10,00 €
  • El Cabronet - Marti Serda

    From Xitxarel·lo creators, was born "el Cabronet" a 100% Cabernet Suavignon wine made by Martí Serdà. Made with love to liven up all evenings or family parties. With more than 30 insults in a silk-screened bottle, can't miss in your collection.

    10,90 €
  • Jean Leon 3055 Merlot-Petit Verdot - Ecológic

    When Jean Leon arrived to New York, he started working as a taxi driver with the license number 3055, the name of these young wines that will surprise you, with this Red Merlot and Petit Verdot you will find all the fruitfulness of a Merlot Varietal helped by the Petit Verdot varietal that they grow on their vineyard. To refine more the product, the wine...

    10,85 €
  • Jean Leon 3055 Chardonnay - Ecológic

    Jean Leon 3055 Chardonay – Ecological wine. When Jean Leon arrived to New York began working as a taxi driver with the number of License 3055, the name of these young wines that will surprise you, with this Red Chardonay you will find all the forcefulness fruit of pineapple and toast that gives the step for 3 months in barrels to give a point less youth.

    10,85 €
  • Jean Leon - Vinya le Havre

    The story of Jean Leon leaves at the French port of Le Havre, Jean Leon stowed away on a ship bound for the US, he is discovered but by an act of generosity his discovery is silenced. Made with the French varietal Cabernet Suavignon and a small part of the Cabernet Franc, make it an ideal wine for lovers of French wines but with a touch of Penedes lands.

    18,50 €
  • Com un Llum + Xitxarel·lo + Cabronet Pack

    Com un Llum Pack by xitxarel·lo and el Cabronet Bandarra creators, now give us light in our lives with the super exclusive Christmas pack in which there is a lamp to connect at any place protected by a couple of wines bottles, Xitxarel.lo and El Cabronet.

    40,85 €
  • Moscato Mediterraneo - Pinord

    White Mediterranean Moscato by Pinord it's a Sparkling wine, a fruity needle-like wine (with gas) with little graduation to enjoy your paella on the terrace or with friends having a refreshing glass of wine. Made in Penedes by the well-known Pinord winery, this summer you can't miss a good glass of Moscato wine.

    5,95 €

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